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How to choose the right boiler?

Boiler for solid fuel and its characteristics

Always choose a biomass boiler that burns a renewable energy source such as wood, wood pellets and briquettes according to your possibilities, affordable price and conditions. Choosing the right output is very important. This attribute is the main condition for economical operation and proper function of the device. Rated output should corresponds to the heat loss of the heated object. Chimney height is another important factor.

Ecology and proper maintenance

When deciding about heating with solid fuel, take care of the proper care of the boiler and good storage of wood, ie its moisture. For wood it is reccomnended the moisture 10-20%, for pellets and briquettes it is 10-12%. This will ensure the correct fuel and a long service life.The solid fuel boiler can be an ecological source of heating with high efficiency which can be connected to various heating systems with other heat sources. The most economical operation is in combination with an accumulation tank.

Why choose gas boiler?

Gas heating is one of the most environmentally friendly fuels offering high comfort. If you have the option of connecting to natural gas you can consider heating with this fuel. When choosing a gas boiler you can choose between a stationary and a condensing one.

Stationary boilers

A stationary boiler can only be purchased together with a storage tank. The connection of the stationary device with the indirect heated stationary storage tank creates a nice design element. It can be used in both open and closed systems with forced circulation water heating system.

Condensing boilers

The condensing boiler uses a different combustion technology than the stationary device. Water heating with high efficiency and low fuel consumption. Condensing boilers have a high level of comfort and it is possible to connect them to the Internet where their comfort of use increases. They have high power modulation up to 1:10.Both types are suitable for central heating systems of family houses, residential and non-residential premises with domestic water heating in combination with a DHW tank. It is possible to cascade them and thus multiply their performance.

Electric boiler and its characteristics

The electric boiler is from the categories of maximum ecological and comfortable heating. You can achieve minimal costs. The great advantage is the chimney is not needed. The combination of small size, reliability, noiseless heating and easy operation make these devices an excellent alternative in areas where there are no other heating options.

Accessories for boilers

Accessories increase comfort, efficiency, reduce fuel consumption and can extend the warranty. It can also significantly affect the function of the boiler, help it in better combustion and make your time easier. For each product with us, you can view the tab of recommended accessories and read more about the benefits of accessories in the text.

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