Boilers awards and certificates

The results of our work are awards

ATTACK, s.r.o. has received a range of boiler awards and certificates at domestic and foreign exhibitions. We regularly participate in exhibitions where a multi-member commission from professional circles gives an award.

Boiler awards

ATTACK biomass and condensing boilers have won several high-value awards thanks to technical improvements every year due to the current energy situation with regard to the environment. We are pleased with these merits and product awards which are mainly due to the employees of our company. 

From Boiler Awards Memoirs

The sophisticated ATTACK DPX LAMBDA biomass boiler was awarded at the MCE Milan 2010. In 2011, 2012, this boiler received awards also at the most important Slovak and Czech exhibitions (AQUA-THERM Nitra, SHK Brno and AQUA-THERM Prague). The ATTACK SLX LAMBDA boiler won an award for innovation, efficiency and ecology at the MCE Milan 2016 exhibition.
The ATTACK PELLET 30 AUTOMATIC PLUS pellet boiler won a total of 3 gold medals and plaques for high variability and an effective tempering solution in the event of a main fuel failure at the international trade fair CONECO-RACIOENERGIA-CLIMATHERM 2008 and 2009 in Bratislava Gold Plaque and AQUATHERM Nitra 2009 Gold medal.
The ATTACK WOOD & PELLET combined boiler won the GRAND PRIX boiler awards from the expert jury of the 5th fair of heating and alternative energy sources FOR THERM 2014
At the AQUATHERM Nitra and RACIOENERGIA exhibitions, gas boilers won honorable mentions and multiple gold medals.

Our biomass boilers have a high efficiency of up to 92%, a low flue gas temperature and a more efficient combustion process.  ATTACK biomass boilers achieve the best results according to the current European standard EN303-5 which classifies solid fuel boilers according to efficiency and emission generation into individual classes. They have more than 25 times lower concentration of harmful CO emissions in flue gases.

Galery of boiler awards

Exhibitions, development and innovation

ATTACK, s.r.o. regularly participates in exhibitions all over the world. For example MCE Milano, AQUATHERM Nitra, Frankfurt and others. Awards of boilers of different types of fuel and properties at many exhibitions receive boiler awards or honorary recognitions. 

Galery of exhibitions and awards


Attack, s.r.o. products achieve the values of the best European products. We hold an ISO 9001 quality certificate for boiler production and all our products are approved and tested with CE and GOST certificates.

ISO 9001 quality certificate
(Certificate) can be downloaded in PDF format (792KB)