Efficient heating of the wood boiler

Rozkurenie kotla na drevo

Heating a wood-burning boiler with wood coals achieves a rapid ignition

Nowadays, technology has advanced significantly even in thermal technology. In our research center, every year we look for ways to innovate all our products, including wood boilers. Control electronics, which every modern boiler is equipped with today, significantly help the boiler not only with burning and perfect combustion, but also with heating. Finding the right heating technique requires some knowledge and experience. In this article, we will show you how.


Important aspects in combustion

Which factors play a fundamental role in the heating of a wood-burning boiler?

For proper combustion, it is necessary to have a connected chimney with sufficient height and draft. Always check all parameters in the operating instructions of each boiler together with a consultation with the service partner and the chimney sweep.

The buffer tank with OVENTROP mixing device is another important aspect of combustion. Buffer tank prevents the formation of tar and acids, which proves to extend the life of not only the boiler but also the chimney. It helps the boiler to dissipate accumulated heat. Otherwise, when the boiler temperature is reached, the boiler output would have to be limited to avoid overheating. If the boiler is restricted in this way, the efficiency is reduced and tar is formed.

Rozkurenie kotla na drevo
Rozkurenie kotla na drevo vlhkost

Quality fuel is important

Fuel quality is the alpha-omega of any product. The wood boiler is no exception. For proper combustion, it is necessary to use wood with a moisture content of 12 to 20%. Such wood must be stored for at least a year or two before the heating season.
Wood with a moisture content of more than 20% creates tar during combustion, which settles on the walls of the boiler and chimney. Tar worsens combustion, clogs the chimney and can seriously damage the boiler. The boiler has a lower calorific value, higher consumption and lower efficiency.
Wood with a moisture content of less than 12% is dried wood in the degradation process, which does not have the correct structure and properties.

The following technique is the most effective for the PROFI and Lambda Touch model series of ATTACK SLX boilers.

First heating

During the first heating, we proceed with paper, wood chips and smaller pieces of wood.
Leave the heating door ajar and wait about 10 minutes until the charcoals are formed. We will fill up the loading chamber to the top. We close the upper door and the boiler can burn for 8 hours without adding fuel.

Repeated heating technique

When reheating, the first thing we do is turn on the exhaust fan on the boiler’s electronics, which will ensure less dust in the room. Charcoal in the loading chamber plays an important role in reheating.
We will clean the loading chamber and separate the bigger charcoals that we will use for heating.
First of all, it is necessary to push the paper through the nozzle into the ashtray. As a great advantage in effective heating, we recommend placing charcoal and then smaller pieces of wood on the paper. Fill the loading chamber completely and light the paper through the ashtray part.
Leave the loading and cleaning doors ajar, wait about a minute. We will close the loading and cleaning doors. In this way, the boiler quickly reaches the required temperature and can burn for another 8 hours without refueling.

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