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The most advantageous heat pump system is air and water

In a previous article we wrote about how to choose the right heat pump. In this article we will focus on the air-water heat pump, its features, construction, installation, service and the comfort it offers.

Energy source air

This type of pump is based on the principle of obtaining energy from the ambient air and transferring it into a hot water heating system. The medium is heating / cooling water. In terms of design these heat pumps are divided into split and monoblock units.

Split and monoblock

In the split type there is refrigerant in both the outdoor and indoor unit and when installing the equipment the installer makes the connection between these units and thus manipulates the refrigeration circuit and its filling. With the monoblock type the entire cooling circuit including the refrigerant is located in the outdoor unit. The output from the outdoor unit is only heating / cooling water. Therefore, the installer of the monobloc heat pump does not come into contact with the closed refrigeration circuit of the unit and thus does not have to have authorization to handle and store the refrigerant.

Tepelné čerpadlo vzduch voda

01 Condensing exchanger 02Evaporator
Schematic representation of the monoblock version in a family house. The refrigerant is only in the outdoor unit.


Tepelné čerpadlo vzduch voda

01 Condensing exchanger 02Evaporator
Schematic representation of the split version in a family house. The refrigerant is located in the indoor unit.

Air-water heat pump – Technology and performance series

The development of heat pumps is constantly advancing. The most modern inverter technology, which is also used by our heat pumps, means that the heat pump has a regulated output according to the current needs of the family house. Some types of heat pumps only work on the ON / OFF system. Frequent starts are the most harmful to the heat pump which has an adverse effect on the service life of the components. With inverter technology, we can not forget to mention other significant advantages over ON / OFF devices. The regulated output of the heat pump reaches less frequent starts, the less components wear out and the lower the operating noise. ATTACK heat pumps are designed only for highly environmentally friendly refrigerant R32 which has a minimal impact on the earth’s ozone layer.

Tepelné čerpadlo vzduch voda

GWP – The shortcut for global warming potential is a measure of how much heat in the atmosphere the greenhouse gas captures in a given time horizon. R32 refrigerant reduces GWP by up to 75% compared to conventional refrigerants.

What does an air-water heat pump consist of?

A heat pump is basically a simple device (basically similar to a domestic refrigerator) consisting of a refrigeration circuit: two exchangers (condenser and evaporator), a compressor and an expansion valve. It is used to transfer energy from an external renewable source (water, air or land) to an indoor building.

Indoor unit

The indoor unit is installed in the boiler room or utility room. This hydro unit, through which the water cycle passes from the outdoor unit, distributes the heated water to the central heating or hot water heating system. The simple and intuitive display allows you to control the heat pump directly from this unit. The indoor air / water heat pump unit achieves low noise compared to other types of indoor heat pump units.

Attack inverter r32 indoor unit

Indoor unit located inside the family house

Outdoor unit

Monoblock outdoor unit – means that it contains all the necessary components of the cooling circuit. The output of the unit is only heated / cooled water which enters the indoor hydraulic unit. The installation of the outdoor unit can be placed in a suitable place, ideally in bigger distance from the house.

Attack inverter r32 outdoor unit

Outdoor unit located in the exterior of a family house

Easy installation and service

The simplest installation among all types of heat pumps, as we mentioned in the previous article, is the air-water type in a monoblock design where it is not necessary to manipulate the heat pump coolant for installation. The heat pump is connected similarly to an electric boiler. This method does not require any complicated operation and its maintenance can be fast and without problems, only the hydraulic circuit is connected. The components in the ATTACK equipment are very simply and clearly constructednwhich requires minimal complexity during possible maintenance and service. The service technician may not be authorized or tested for refrigerant handling and storage during installation.

Control comfort

There is no doubt about the comfort of a device that does its own work. Additional functions and various timers are built into the software system of the indoor unit of the heat pump, with which it is possible to set the required programs of functions such as central heating, DHW and cooling.
We could divide the control of the heat pump into three possible categories:

Tepelné čerpadlo Inverter vzduch voda
    • A. ontrol directly from the indoor unit with a SMART 5 “touch screen which has simple and intuitive operation.
    • B. Wide range of controllers that allows control via a room thermostat anywhere in the house.
    • C. Internet connection to the device is the possibility of purchasing a WIFI module through which it is possible to control the device outside your home.

All this is possible with the latest technology. The use of a heat pump offers several advantages: Low operating costs, simple operation, year-round operation, the possibility of drawing a state subsidy and suitability for almost every type of family house.

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