Heat pump in winter

Tepelne cerpadlo v zime ATTACK

In winter, the heat pump can work without problems even at -15 °C

Winter. The time of year when we are looking for the most economical source of heating for our house. When choosing from among all possible types of equipment, we take several factors into account: price, the possibility of wide expansion to external heat sources, efficiency of the equipment, comfort – which saves time, impact on the environment and, above all, low operating costs.

In this article, you will learn more about the real operation of a heat pump installed in northern Slovakia, where the temperature can drop to -20 °C during the winter months. We will talk about the features of the heat pump, the real costs during the winter months and the possible combination of devices.

Heat pump and its properties

ATTACK Inverter R32 with a seasonal coefficient of 4.9 is suitable for new buildings with underfloor heating, where it can heat a family house without any problems at temperatures down to -15°C.
The ATTACK heat pump is a device with two heat sources:
1. Compressor circuit – Its actual performance depends on the outside temperature.
2. Additional electrical source – Built-in electric heating body, selectable power according to the connection from 2 to 6 kW, which will ensure sufficient heat output in case of extremely low outside temperatures (-20°C), which may occur for a short time during the winter months.

Vnutorna jednotka attack inverter r32
Vonkajsia jednotka tepelne cerpadlo attack inverter r32

Heat pump ATTACK Inverter R32

What type of family house is an air-water heat pump suitable for?

The monoblock type air-water heat pump works most efficiently in family houses with good insulation and low heat losses. The air-to-water heat pump is designed mainly for heating systems with a suggested heating water temperature of up to 55°C.
The ideal heating system for a heat pump is a floor heating system. It can also work in combination with radiators, but the radiators must have a sufficiently large heating surface.
Do not be misled if someone tells you that the low-temperature air-water heat pump with refrigerant R32 type monoblock is suitable as a replacement for an uninsulated family house, where it is mainly heated by radiators, which with their previous source were designed for higher heating water temperatures (70- 90°C).

Velko plosne radiatori attack

Radiator with large heat exchanger surface.


Instalation of floor heating system

This creates a bad reputation for the heat pump, which was not dimensioned for this case.
Heat pumps can also be used with advantage in the reconstruction of older houses, but appropriate measures must be taken, such as – completing high-quality insulation, replacing windows, or replacing radiators with a larger heat exchange surface.

Tepelne cerpadlo attack dom prestavba

Family house after reconstruction and insulation and replacement of windows.

Tepelne cerpadlo ATTACK instalacia cerpadla

Modern new building with heat pump ATTACK Inverter R32

Operating costs of the heat pump

In this particular family house in northern Slovakia with energy class A0 and underfloor heating with an area of ​​140 m2, the operating costs are low precisely thanks to the observance of the mentioned conditions. The family house was heated with an electric boiler, where the annual electricity consumption was 11,000 kWh. After installing the heat pump, electricity consumption dropped to 5,000 kWh, and after the first year, the owners received an overpayment of €750 after accounting for costs. Currently, advance payments for the heat pump amount to €87 per month. But this vary for each country and cost of Electricity.

elektrina spotreba tepelne cerpadlo attack
elektrina spotreba tepelne cerpadlo attack-2

What devices can the heat pump be combined with?

  • Alternative heat source
    You can combine the heat pump with various heat sources. Biomass boilers, gas boilers or thermal solar collectors.
  • Photovoltaic panels
    Photovoltaic panels can also supply electricity to the heat pump at any time of the year. In seasons such as spring, summer, autumn, depending on the size of the photovoltaic system, it can cover the need for electricity and thus obtain energy from the sun practically for free.
    In the winter months, the performance of the photovoltaic panels depends mainly on the sunlight, which has a significantly lower intensity than in the summer months, provided of course that the photovoltaic panels are not covered by a snow cover. A properly designed photovoltaic system can cover a certain part of the electricity consumption needed, for example, to drive a heat pump.
Fotovolticke panely attack heating

Photovoltaic panels

fotovoltickepanely_tepelne cerpadlo attack

Photovoltaic panels can supply energy dirrectly to heat pump

  • Fancoil units
    A huge advantage over other heat sources is the possibility to connect the heat pump to fancoil units, which can also cool during the summer months and heat in the winter months. In this way, a comfortable temperature is maintained in the house throughout the year.
Tepelne cerpadlo inverter vzduch voda chladenie

Mobile app ATTACK Heating during cooling

Tepelne cerpadlo inverter vzduch voda -zapojenie-zima

Heating with fan coil units with heat pump ATTACK Inverter R32

Watch the video of the ATTACK heat pump in northern Slovakia

Thanks to the quiet operation and high comfort of use through the mobile application, the heat pump ATTACK Inverter R32 becomes an inconspicuous source of heat and cold all year round.

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