Heat pump with mobile application

tepelne cerpadlo s mobilnou aplikaciou attack heating

Give to yourself comfort with mobile application

In the development of heat pumps, which have become a modern source of heating and cooling, the heat source is spreading in addition to quality and comfort. Comfort is not only about convenience, but allows you to use the time that you can spend more with your family or hobbies.

Heat pump with mobile application ATTACK Heating

The mobile application provides perfect control of the heat pump from any place where there is an internet connection. It offers many interesting functions such as: control of heating zones, DHW settings, night mode, anti-legionella and other great settings.

New version 1.5.0

ATTACK Heating with version 1.5.0 comes with innovative features: Event scheduler, notifications, new intuitive design and response acceleration.
With the event planner, it is possible to set the desired heating / cooling temperature or hot water heating in advance on any day and time. Added notifications announce when the heat pump is without internet connection or without electricity. They also report important error messages that you can immediately consult with your service partner.

Event planner

Schedule heating or cooling saves time and never forgets to set the desired temperatures at different times. You can create any number of plans, for example for seasons.
It is possible to set heating/cooling or DHW heating in the application settings: Zone 1 and DHW Settings. When creating a plan, you can choose any period and time. Timing programs work exclusively in the modes auto/cooling for the heating system or auto/heater for heating the storage tank. Do not forget to switch the heat pump to the mentioned modes. After the end of the time plan, the originally set temperature, which was set for DHW or DHW, will return.


Receiving notifications provides a perfect overview of the heat pump’s status. Network errors can be pointed out in the notifications. When the heat pump goes offline, it means that the heat pump has lost contact with the Internet connection or is without electricity.
Heat pump errors are directly related to the functioning of the heat pump. They signal that some functions of the heat pump are not working properly. In this case, contact your service partner.

tepelne cerpadlo s mobilnou aplikaciou notifikacie attack heating1

Try a demo account

After downloading the application, just select “Try the demo” when logging in. The demo account simulates real heat pump actions. You can view and test all the settings, parameters and functions of the ATTACK heat pump. You can download the ATTACK Heating mobile application for free on Google play or Appstore.

ATTACK heating - Google play
ATTACK heating - Apple store
Tepelne cerpadlo s mobilnou aplikaciou demo ucet

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