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We will teach you how to get a better overview and learn more about heating topics. We will bring you a clearer and more detailed view of the products and their operation with other heating systems. You will find out how heating, connections and current topics are covered in this section.

Old boiler change

Every year we bring innovation to the market with our products. Modern heating brings great comfort and more environmentally friendly combustion. Be the change you want to see for yourself. By change of your old boiler for new ATTACK boiler you get:

  • Reduction of heating costs by up to 25%
  • High comfort thanks to the possibility of connecting to the Internet
  • Greener combustion
  • High power modulation of gas boilers up to 1:10
  • Long burning time in biomass boilers

Why does tar form?


Tar as a greasy, sticky and flammable substance is a product of incomplete combustion, low flue gas temperature and high fuel humidity.

In winter, the heat pump can work without problems even at -15 °C

Tepelne cerpadlo ATTACK instalacia cerpadla

Winter. The time of year when we are looking for the most economical source of heating for our house. When choosing from among all possible types of equipment, we take several factors into account

Efficient heating of the wood boiler

Rozkurenie kotla na drevo

Finding the right heating technique requires some knowledge and experience. In this article, we will show you how.

Proper cleaning of a solid fuel boiler

Ako vycistit kotol

The boiler, which gives us warmth and comfort at home, especially during the winter months, also needs proper and regular maintenance. Daily use of the boiler creates dust, soot and tar, which must be cleaned.

Heat pump with mobile application

tepelne cerpadlo s mobilnou aplikaciou attack heating

In the development of heat pumps, which have become a modern source of heating and cooling, the heat source is spreading in addition to quality and comfort.-free modern heat sources.

We produce thermal technology from the sun with an output of 430 kWp

Photovoltaic power plant

We have added more photovoltaic panels to our production halls. In total, up to 1300 with a total output of 430 kWp.

Clean heat grants UK

Clean heat grants_2022

The scheme will run for 3 years starting April 2022, and the government has set aside a budget of £450 million under this scheme.

Heat pump air water

Heat pump attack inverter

This type of pump is based on the principle of obtaining energy from the ambient air and transferring it into a hot water heating system.

How to Choose the Right type of Heat pump ?

heat pump attack inverter

Thinking about how to heat with a heat pump? Nowadays, these almost emission-free modern heat sources.

Which condensing boiler to choose for the household


Each of our model lines has different features and is suitable for different types of homes or objects.

Why choose a condensing boiler?

The high combustion efficiency of a gas boiler reduces operating costs (the less heat leaves the chimney, the more heat we keep at home).

Pellet boiler goes fully digital


Originally, the boiler has already provided a fully automatic process of combustion as well as exchanger and burner cleaning. 

Biomass boilers for the future

Heating ATTACK

The new ATTACK SLX COMBI PELLET (SLXCP), a combined biomass boiler, fulfills the highest standards required for modern thermal equipments using wood as a sustainable renewable heat energy source.

Boilers made of sun

Vykurovanie kotly zo slnka attack

ATTACK considers environmental protection essential to life. We installed a photovoltaic power plant on the roofs of our production halls. 200kWp photovoltaic panels can produce enough energy for the production of fuel boilers

Heating with high power modulation up to 1:10


Our new condensing boilers offer high comfort with a high efficiency of up to 106%. There is used much less fuel in the boiler thanks to the high power modulation. Quality brass components and a stainless steel heat exchanger offer the maximum of gas heating.

Fuel selection in combined boilers. Wood or pellets?


Wood-gasifying boilers do not lag behind the comfort or gas boilers. High efficiency of up to 92% offers ecological and economical biomass heating. You can use combined boilers for wood or pellets. High comfort is offered by automatic combustion. A large loading chamber that can burn for 8-12 hours saves time.

Heating and right chimney

Boiler connection to chimney

The chimney for heating your house is very important. The wrong chimney could cause insufficient draft as the chimney will not be able to remove the produced amount of flue gases from the boiler. Learn more about this topic.

The accumulation tank prolongs the service life

Kotol na drevo ATTACK DPX a akumulacna nadrz

Connecting the accumulation tank to the biomass boiler increases its efficiency and reduces fuel consumption, making heat greener.