Pellet boiler goes fully digital



Let us introduce a redesigned pellet boiler ATTACK PELLET 30 AUTOMATIC Plus. In comparison to its predecessor, being already well accepted and successfully offered across international markets while receiving various accolades, the innovated one has been equipped with a modern touchscreen replacing analog control unit.


Originally, the ATTACK PELLET 30 AUTOMATIC Plus boiler had a separate burner control unit located at the lower part and boiler control unit located at the upper part. Innovated boiler has now been controled from the upper boiler part, while the burner control unit has been removed. What’s more, one does not need spending time in boiler room but observe all the boiler activity remotely and literally ignite it on the go. One could even argue, considering a functionality level, the boiler offers a comfort of gas boiler, but at the same time independent on fossil fuel using woodpellets as a sustainable renewable heat energy source.

Kotly na biomasu riaditel vyskumu attack

Ing. Martin zifčák
Technical director

ATTACK Ltd. company

„The previous version of the boiler could only control the function of the boiler itself. The strong point of the innovated product is all about the modern control system, which can also control other elements of the heating circuit, such as domestic hot water (further in text as D.H.W) tank, hydraulic heating circuits, etc. The boiler can also be controlled remotely via mobile application.“



Originally, the boiler has already provided a fully automatic process of combustion as well as exchanger and burner cleaning. However, using the touchscreen brings a completely new user experience while attributing to excellent Total Costs of Ownership, additionally. Basic boiler parameters setup is now more simple and intuitive. Among the most interesting features, one can enjoy: external indirect heated D.H.W. storage tank heat control; mixed and non mixed heating circuits temperatures control (depending on particular hudraulic setup) advantageous for example in case of mixed low temperature floor system heat setup; outside temperature control (O.T.C.); central heating and D.H.W. independent operational times setup; night heating attenuation for each day of the week but also shortcut key for popular parameter visualisation. Using a WiFi module and free of charge dowloadable application, the boiler can be observed and controlled remotely via smartphone.


Ľubomír Šlauka
Export Sales Manager

ATTACK Ltd. company

„This boiler remains with its original curvy shapes design despite mainstream going compact square boxes. This might be exactly what makes it unique and different. Interestingly, this particular boiler sales figures in France were already noticeable in the past but since its redesign, the sales figures went parabolic. It could easily be the best selling product in any country supporting woodpellets.“

ATTACK s.r.o., a Slovak boiler manufacturer, has also been focused on renewable energy and sustainability, since long time ago. A textbook example is its unique PV powered boiler manufacturing facility, which puts the company ahead many of its peers. You can find out more about it here: Boilers made of sun

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