Boiler for your home

Boiler for your home

Do you need a boiler for your home but you don’t know what yet? We will help you find the right one. We offer heating solutions for houses, cottages, residential and non-residential premises and larger operations or industrial buildings. We have our own research center in which we bring innovation to heating every year. Our boilers have won many awards at various international exhibitions.

Heat pump

Modern emission-free heat source that uses renewable energy from the environment.The operating system is based on the principle of obtaining energy from the ambient air and transferring it into the hot water heating system.At maximum use of primary energy from the electricity grid it produces the energy needed for heating / cooling or DHW heating.

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Air / water heat pump – A suitable heat source for a modern family house. The device works with highly environmentally friendly refrigerant R32 which has minimal impact on the Earth’s ozone layer. The heat pump can be controlled by SMART via a mobile application so you can also control it away from home. It can communicate with alternative or backup heat sources in various types of heating systems and can also, in addition to heating, also fully cool,and thus can ensure the required room temperature 365 days a year.

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Boiler for solid fuel

You don’t have access to gas and you have a place to store wood? Perhaps a solid fuel boiler with high efficiency, high comfort of use and low operating costs is suitable for you. The solid fuel boiler is divided into several other categories. Wood boiler, pellet boiler and combined boiler. Each of our model lines has specific parameters, and offers a wide selection of types of boiler for your home.

Boiler for solid fuel

Biomass boiler – used for for wood heating only. Our models have an extra large loading chamber and a long burning time of 8 – 12 hours. Wood boilers have a possibilities of two electronics that control the boiler. They are suitable for family houses or spaces that do not have a problem with storage space. Remember that you can take care of a long service life with high-quality dried wood.

Boiler for your home SLX

Pellet boiler – This type of boiler uses only pellets as fuel. It is fully automatic and equipped with a pellet tank, pellet feeder and automatic burner which doses and burns the fuel itself, as well as cleaning in it automatically. The comfort of the pellet boiler is at a high level.

Boiler for your home Pellet

Combined boiler – The highest comfort and flexibility is offered by the combined boiler. You can burn not only wood but also pellets in it. Simply change the plug to change the method of combustion. If you have the opportunity and conditions for wood but you would like to indulge in higher comfort of the pellet boiler from time to time, this is the suitable boiler for you.

Boiler for your home Combined

Gas boiler

Gas boilers offer you high comfort of use, all achieving energy class A with high efficiency. You can control the gas boiler through the room thermostat from any room of your house. Our condensation gas boilers achieve an unrivalled range of power modulation up to 1:10. They have an intelligent combustion system and an exchanger with extra wide channels. Any of ATTACK gas boilers can be suitable solutions for your home.

Condensing boiler – The ATTACK Condensing gas condensing boiler offers high efficiency of up to 106% and high power modulation of up to 1:10 with gas savings. This modulation system consists in the fact that the boiler can operate at low output, for example (from 2.5 kW). The gas boiler is suitable for family houses, flats, but also for operations or industrial buildings.


Stacionary boiler – The popular stationary boilers with which we started production are still very popular today. This gas boiler has a choice of 6 modifications that offer different heating settings. The tank is an integral part of the boiler.


Electric boiler

The electric boiler is from the categories of maximum ecological and comfortable heating of your house. With an electric boiler, you can achieve minimal costs. This source of heating does not need a chimney which is a great advantage.


Electric boiler – The small dimensions of the boiler, quiet operation and also a high-quality selection of materials will convince you of the correct choice. The electric boiler is also a suitable variant in a combination of an electric boiler with a solar system which can provide up to 70% of hot water for the household during the year.


Accessories for boiler

Accessories can significantly do your boiler and its advantages better and offering good solutions for your home. It can increase its efficiency, reduce costs and make combustion more environmentally friendly.

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