Why choose a condensing boiler?

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Why choose a condensing boiler?

Heating your family home or business place with gas is a comfortable and environmentally friendly heat source. The high combustion efficiency of a gas boiler reduces operating costs (the less heat leaves the chimney, the more heat we keep at home). Automatic maintenance-free operation reduces the need for operators and thus offers high comfort. The low purchase price of the equipment compared to biomass boilers or heat pumps – is one of the cheapest and least maintenance sources.

What do I need for a condensing boiler?

To use a gas condensing boiler, it is necessary to have a connection to natural gas, which is one of the most environmentally friendly fuels from fossil fuels.
There is a solution for those who would like to have a condensing boiler without a natural gas connection. The boiler can be connected to propane. Propane heating is a more expensive investment because this type of gas must be stored safely in storage tanks which are usually built at heated facilities.

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How does a condensing boiler work?

During combustion the flue gas condensation mode is used and the so-called Latent heat which would otherwise go away from the chimney without condensation. Simply put, the cooled heating water that returns from the heating system preheats from the flue gas temperature at the entrance to the boiler which naturally cools it. At a heating water temperature of up to approx. 55 ° C, the boiler operates in condensing economy mode. Subsequently, the heating water in the boiler is reheated to the required temperature. Due to condensation, the exchangers in condensing boilers must be made of anti-corrosion material and the boiler chimney system must also be corrosion-resistant. The flue gas temperature is in the range of 40 – 90 ° C. It depends on the heating water temperature and the use of the boiler. The condensing boiler is suitable for all types of heating systems, especially low-temperature floor heating.

What can the condensing boiler work with?

The great comfort that a boiler brings is not everything. The efficiency of use is extensive and offers complex solutions. Boilers can be connected to heating systems and can function as main and backup heat sources in larger complex multi-fuel systems such as in cooperation with:
-Heat pumps
-Solar heating
-Combination with solid fuel boilers
-Multi-heater heating systems and other possible combinations.)

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Condensing boiler connection diagram to the heating system

In this heating system devices of your choice with different heat sources can be refilled very intelligently. They provide permanent heat or hot water (domestic hot water) in the household. This is because if one of the devices stops producing heat, the condensing boiler will immediately replace it. When connecting combined systems, it is possible to heat high temperature systems above 50 ° C such as radiators or low temperature systems such as e.g. underfloor or wall heating where the condensation of the boiler and its higher efficiency compared to conventional boilers is fully utilized.

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