Accessories for boilers

Boiler accessories

Do you have insufficient draft of flue gases from the chimney? Would you like to increase the efficiency of the boiler? Boiler accessories can help the boiler to reduce fuel consumption, heat more environmentally friendly, extend the life of the boiler or increase the comfort of heating.

Boiler accessories

By purchasing boiler accessories you can greatly help your boiler. Increasing efficiency, reducing fuel consumption, reducing tar and acidity, extending the life of all this can be achieved with accessories.

biomass boilers

Accumulation tank – is able to store large amounts of water. We have up to 4 different types of accumulation tanks with the possibility of connection to a solar panel or heat pump. The advantage of the accumulation tank is the accumulation of excess energy from the heating element and subsequent use as needed.The volume of the tank is from 204 to 4940 liters. The boiler can increase efficiency, reduce consumption and thus make heating more environmentally friendly. The accumulation tank extends the service life.

Accessories for boilers accumulation tank

Pellet tank with spiral pellet feeder – suitable for combined and pellet boilers for fuel storage. The tank capacity is up to 500 l. Boiler accessories spiral pellet feeders must be purchased for pellet or combined boiler for proper compatibility with our devices.

Accessories for boilers pellet tank

Mixing device OVENTROP – Simple in construction but all the more important for your boiler and your wallet. Boiler accessories devices serve as a prevention against damage to the boiler walls. The thermostat keeps the return heating water temperature above 65 ° C, so there is no low-temperature corrosion, which damages the boiler walls.

Accessories for boilers mixing device

Additional flue gas draught PV150 – If you have a problem with insufficient flue gas draft into the chimney, additional flue gas draught is the correct solution to the problem. The boiler accesorries devices will also benefit the longer life of the boiler because it will work with the right output. You will notice the effect of additional flue gas draught when you open the loading door. Then the draft of the chimney is reduced and the smoke does not escape into the boiler room.

Accessories for boilers pv150

Pellet burner and conversion kit – Would you like to change biomass boiler to a combined one? The boiler accessories burners with a conversion kit offers the possibility of heating with wood and pellets. DPX and SLX models can be converted. The conversion kit includes a burner door, a pantograph set that holds the ATTACK PELLET BURNER Automatic burner.

Conversion kit slx cp

Stationary indirect heated storage tank – This accessory for gas boilers prepares DHW heating. Suitable for DHW heating is the use of an indirect heated storage tank. You can connect it to a stationary or wall-mounted boiler with a different energy source. The tanks have a volume of 40 to 275 liters.

Accessories for boilers ATTACK storage tank