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Speech of General Director

Dear customer,

ATTACK product is produced by the most modern production technologies we have. As the most important Slovak producer of thermal equipment with purely Slovak capital and with one owner, we are fully aware that every production process translates into the life of this product and of course your satisfaction. Therefore we use only the best from a special boiler sheet through precise laser material division, to the most important – waterproof welds, which we perform exclusively robotically in precision preparations, eliminating the human factor. All ATTACK products are quality premium products produced by state-of-the-art technology based on the latest research. The products have quality certificates from reputable testing authorities and qualify for a state subsidy. I am convinced that you will be overly satisfied with our product and will serve you for many years.

Rudolf Bakala, General Director ATTACK, s.r.o.

ATTACK,s.r.o. history

The company’s production area is located in the northern part of central Slovakia about 20 km from the city of Zilina. Our company, which is engaged in the production of thermal technology, started production in 1995 with stationary boilers and gradually expanded its production to today’s level, where it produces a wide range of condensing boilers, stationary boilers, solid fuel boilers and DHW storage tanks. The company is one of the medium-sized companies disposing with 5,000 m2 of built-up area and approximately 1,000 m2 of uncovered area. The production of boilers takes place in our own production halls, we have our own Research and Development Center, Technical, Sale and Export Departments.

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Company profile and vision

“The main goal and philosophy of the company is to develop top products with the highest quality, functionality and design, which achieve the highest combustion efficiency with respect to the environment while maintaining a favorable price.”

Company ATTACK a product portfolio

We offer a wide selection of products that are different according to fuel type and performance. All boilers are equipped with components from world manufacturers produced by the latest technology, production controlled by cctv and computer system and tested by the most progressive devices and methods. In each group there is a wide choice in both modifications and performances. Boilers are designed mainly for heating of family houses, apartments as well as larger plants. The company profile includes a portfolio containing biomass, gas, electricity boilers and accessories. In the production of boilers we use a renewable energy source, namely photovoltaic panels with a power of 200kWp which provide sufficient electricity for production.

Boilers for solid fuel

Gas boilers

Electric boilers

Heat pumps

Accumulation tanks


Company profile – Export a service

ATTACK exports its products to more than 51 countries around the world. We currently export our products to all EU countries, USA, Canada and New Zealand. The greatest interest abroad is in modern biomass, pellet and combined boilers, which are currently in great demand in Europe and on the American continent.

Our service partners are trained in our own training center, which is equipped with products involved in real operation. Our partners train in two phases, theoretical and practical, where they have the opportunity to put the theoretical part into practice and try everything on the products.
The company ATTACK, s.r.o. covers the service network of the whole territory of Slovakia. In the event of a breakdown, up to 705 service organizations can help you.
Professionally trained service technicians can handle a breakdown of any ATTACK product for heating family houses, flats or businesses in a short time.

Company profile – Research & Development

The company ATTACK, s.r.o. has its own research and development center where the company’s development and technical staff annually innovates and prepares new thermal technology equipment. During the development, emphasis is placed on the simplicity of operation of the equipment, modern design, environmental compatibility and minimal dimensions. All products are designed and developed in accordance with applicable standards, specifications, laws and regulations. The selection of components for ATTACK ® products is subject to the strictest criteria and only reliable and long-proven components and materials from reputable suppliers can be used.

During the development of ATTACK, s.r.o. does not cooperate with other manufacturers but always tries to be one step ahead of the competition.

Company ATTACK – Certificates and awards

ATTACK, s.r.o. holds the ISO 9001 quality certificate:

  • for design and development of boilers
  • for the production of boilers
  • service of equipment and boilers

We place great emphasis on the quality of our products. We have held the ISO 9001 quality management certificate since 2003. This quality certificate of the international directive certifies activities in research and development, production, design and operation of gas equipment. The approval certificate was approved and awarded by the prestigious London auditing firm Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance.

The complexity of the requirements imposed on the company is also proved by the need to defend the certificate from the certification company LRQA every 3 years.

This quality management system indicates the progression and positive approach of ATTACK, s.r.o. to the customer to whom he proves his quality as a purely Slovak traditional company. The management system also underlines the company’s strategy, which leads to its observance, further development and improvement.
All ATTACK® products are quality premium products manufactured with the latest technology based on the latest research. The products have CE, TÜV, GOST certificates from renowned testing laboratories in the world.

PWe regularly participate in domestic and foreign exhibitions of thermal technology, which the company has received a number of awards, honorable mentions and gold medals.