Proper cleaning of a solid fuel boiler

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How to properly clean a solid fuel boiler?

The boiler, which gives us warmth and comfort at home, especially during the winter months, also needs proper and regular maintenance. Daily use of the boiler creates dust, soot and tar, which must be cleaned. In this article, you will learn why boiler cleaning is important, what is at risk if you neglect the boiler and how to proceed when cleaning different types of boilers.

Why is it important to clean the boiler?

Failure to clean and neglect maintenance of the boiler can mainly result in reduced efficiency, sometimes up to 25 percent. Reduced efficiency means higher operating costs and more frequent heating. In the worst case, by not cleaning the boiler, the inside gets tarred so that the boiler can lose its service life by several years.

Illustrative examples of neglected cleaning:

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Dirty turbulators with tar

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Dirty exchanger with tar

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Dirty fan part

What do I need for cleaning?

Cleaning the boiler is not difficult and anyone can do it. When cleaning, we will use simple tools: a wire brush, a rolling pin, a collecting shovel and an ashtray to remove the ashes. The cleaning time can be 5 minutes depending on the pollution.

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How to proceed with cleaning?

First of all, we wait until the boiler cools down. The cleaning process with original accessories can take about 5 minutes. Solid fuel boilers can be divided into three groups according to cleaning.

Wood boiler

We start by cleaning the loading chamber. Clean the sides of the chamber and collect the ash through the nozzle into the ashtray using a rolling pin. Scoop out the ash from the lower part of the ashtray using a collection shovel into the collection container. We will not forget to clean the side areas next to the ashtray.
We clean the turbulators and the lower part under the heat exchanger once every 3 days, depending on the intensity of use.

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Combined boiler

With this type of boiler, in which it is possible to use both fuels (wood or pellets), the cleaning process is almost the same. However, it is not necessary to clean the burner when using pellets. The automatic Pellet burner cleans itself after burning out by extending and retracting the grid. When burning pellets, the ash is finer than when burning wood.

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Pellet boiler

The pellet boiler requires minimal cleaning requirements. The cleaning process is fully automatic. The automatic cleaning system is equipped with a screw conveyor and turbulators that ensure the cleanliness of the tube exchanger. Pellet burner Pellet burner is again cleaned automatically as with the combined boiler. The ash from the ash tray is transported by a screw conveyor to the yield box, the contents of the ash tray are emptied depending on the operation of the boiler.


Properly cleaned boiler

Make sure to clean your boiler regularly. Cleaning only costs a few minutes of your time and can save you from the problems we mentioned in the article or the complete destruction of the boiler. In case of a serious problem, do not hesitate to contact your service partner.

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