Promoting sport and culture

In addition to its activities focused on the production of thermal equipment, ATTACK, s.r.o. has been actively contributing to the development of sport in Slovakia for a long time. We are proud to help athletes around us: to educate promising representatives, develop their talents and achieve outstanding performances. Many successful athletes from various sports industries have already competed with the ATTACK on their T-shirts. The most successful ones include sports teams in football, hockey or field hockey. For its commitment, the company also received an award for its contribution to the development of the city of Vrutky and its exemplary representation.

Sports sponsorship – Trail running

ATTACK supports athletes in trail running. Runners Marek Litvaj and Martin Pavlík have successfully participated in many races. The 2018 running season was very successful. Our competitors represented the colours of ATTACK at the race in the run to the top Run to The Midday Grúň and in the Run to Chata pod Chlebom, where the runner Marek Litvaj recorded the winners’ stages. Runners also took part in runs on longer tracks such as: Tatranská Šelma, Small Carpathian Verticála, Ponitrianska hundred and Run to Chopok.

Sports sponsorships – Football club FC ATTACK Vrutky

We are happy to support the football club FC ATTACK Vrutky which is on the sports scene for more than 100 years. The company ATTACK, s.r.o. is the general sponsor of this club. During this long history of years, the club has achieved many great results and raised a large number of great footballers, while for years it was one of the best teams in Slovakia, when it played in the 1st league. FC ATTACK Vrútky represents men in the 1st class of the Turčianske football association, youth units: older youth (III. League), younger youth (I. class), older students (II. League), younger students U13 (II. League), younger students U12 (district competition) and also teams of preparations U11 and U10 (district competition) and pre-preparation.

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the founding of Czechoslovakia, a student tournament was held in which 4 teams competed. Representatives of FC ATTACK Vrutky were also among them. Within the tournament, various competitions were held and the best players of the tournament were evaluated.

You can watch the report from the tournament here.

Sports sponsorships – Ball Hockey Kometa Vrutky

We also support ball hockey players from the HbK Kometa Vrutky hockey team, whose origins date back to 1987. He quickly advanced to the 1st District League and then to the 2nd. Slovak National Ball Hockey League. During its rich history, the club has educated many talented players and has become a huge storehouse of representatives for the Slovak selections in ball hockey. During its existence, the club has achieved excellent positions, such as: Slovak champions under 20, European vice-champions under 18, vice-champions of the world, world champions under 20, champion of the Slovak Republic (U18, U16, U14), extra league winner (U19, U16) .The HbK Kometa Vrutky teams belong to the most successful sports teams of the town of Vrutky but also of the Turiec region. We are glad that the company ATTACK, s.r.o. can be part of such a success story.

Sports sponsorships – Support for voluntary fire brigades

We support voluntary fire brigades in villages which play an important role in protecting the population. Volunteer firefighters also help to eliminate various consequences of natural disasters such as floods (pumping water from cellars and roads), cleaning culverts and pipes, mitigating snow calamities (ice barriers). We are proud to carry out this important mission and ATTACK can help them by purchasing quality and modern technology.