Gas condensing boiler KZT,KT high

Gas boiler Condensing KT for high power

Heating with the possibility of heating hot water in an external
storage tank, high output boilers 48 kW

Gas boiler for high power designed with the strictest emission limits in mind and suitable for everybody who needs high performance. Condensing KT boilers can also be connected in a cascade.

Condensing KT is a wall-mounted boiler manufactured in version 48kW with the possibility of variable connection of a DHW storage tank.  After connecting the boiler to the additional storage tank, you can heat and also prepare DHW to satisfy even the most demanding needs.
The boiler achieves significant gas consumption savings of up to 40% thanks to continuous power modulation of up to 1:10. The boiler can also be controlled according to the outdoor temperature (equithermal control).

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