Biomass boilers for the future


Future proved 2 in 1 biomass boilers

Let us introduce a boiler either providing an excellent Total Cost of Ownership and Innovation. A brand new SLXCP range, while „CP“ stands for combi pellet, comes from SLX original boiler range design, its predecessor, being already well accepted and successfully offered across international markets.

New combined biomass boilers

The new ATTACK SLX COMBI PELLET (SLXCP), a combined biomass boiler, fulfills the highest standards required for modern thermal equipments using wood as a sustainable renewable heat energy source.
SLXCP will additionally provide a shift towards multi-fuel combustion. By using a burner fixed onto pantograph, while being easily moved around and inserted instead of replaceable original upper door of the boiler, one can remake wood gasifying boiler into pellet one. The pellet boiler can also be remade into wood gasifying one in reversed order. Obviously, this enables a free choice between logs or pellets heating while using a very simple system to switch between the two.

Biomass boilers for the future
Kotly na biomasu riaditel vyskumu attack

Ing. Martin zifčák
Technical director

ATTACK Ltd. company

„During boiler development phase, besides simplicity, we also targeted the highest possible combustion process efficiency while the lowest possible emissions. This was finally achieved for both the combustion modes, ending up with user and environmentally friendly product.“

Biomass boilers for the future

Saved costs and high comfort of boiler functions

SLXCP range provides a whole bunch of best selling features of the SLX one. Among those, one can benefit from an exceptionally large feeding chamber volume, enabling even for half-meter wood logs loads or further from multifunctional electronics with display, enabling for the best possible combustion process efficiency regulation and central heating or hot water circuit pumps control.
It also gets very interesting, when it comes both to capital and operating expenditures. Just to mention, when purchasing a single boiler, one gets two different operation modes for the price, which are otherwise typically available as two separate boilers offered in the market. While in pellets combustion mode, the boiler uses fully automatic self cleaning burner, thus one does not need to come often to the boiler in order to operate or clean.

Kotly na biomasu riaditel exportu attack

Ing. Ján madliak
Export Director

ATTACK Ltd. company

„The new ATTACK SLX COMBI PELLET boiler will certainly be a excellent primary heat source and perfect addition to multiple heat sources, as for example heat pumps, solar or gas heating.“

ATTACK s.r.o., a Slovak boiler manufacturer, has also been focused on renewable energy and sustainability, since long time ago. A textbook example is its unique PV powered boiler manufacturing facility, which puts the company ahead many of its peers. You can find out more about it here: Boilers made of sun

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