Quality policy

ATTACK has an ISM quality management system in place. We are a major manufacturer of gas wall and stationary boilers, solid fuel boilers, condensing boilers, accumulation tanks and DHW tanks. We supply our products to our customers not only from the Slovak Republic but also from European and other countries around the world. We want to continue to offer our customers products with high utility value.

The company’s management is aware of the growing demands of customers for the delivery of products in the required quality, agreed time, quantity and at competitive prices. To meet these requirements, we have an established quality management system and the company’s management has announced this quality policy, which is enforced through principles in the following areas:


  • build long-term and mutually beneficial partnerships with customers
  • deliver the ordered quantity within the agreed deadline and in the required quality


  • build long-term and mutually beneficial partnerships with suppliers
  • conduct transparent tenders


  • to support the development of employees’ competence to achieve a high level of quality of work
  • protect the health of employees and prevent accidents with effective prevention

Technology and infrastructure

  • actively support the introduction of new technologies that will benefit customers and our organization
  • optimize logistics flows of materials and products in the organization

Surrounding environment

  • actively cooperate with state bodies, organizations and self-government bodies that operate within the reach of the company
  • participate in the sponsorship of public benefit activities within the scope
  • reduce the risk of damage to the surrounding environment

The management of the company is committed to:

  • follow the above principles
  • comply with the requirements of laws and regulations
  • continuously improve the quality management system

Enviromental politics

The company ATTACK, s.r.o. is not, by its nature, a significant polluter of the environment. However, under certain circumstances, the quality of the environment can be affected. These are, in particular, waste management, management of substances harmful to water, energy management and other resources. Therefore, we follow the requirements of STN EN ISO 14001: 2016 to ensure a management system in environmental protection. We respect the right to a healthy environment. We must respect and exercise this right within the organization in our day-to-day activities.


Attack, s.r.o. products achieve the values of the best European products. We hold an ISO 9001 quality certificate for boiler production and all our products are approved and tested with CE and GOST certificates.


ISO 9001 quality certificate
(Certificate) can be downloaded in PDF format (792KB)