We produce thermal technology from the sun with an output of 430 kWp

Photovoltaic power plant

Our company produces thermal technology from its own photovoltaic power plant

In the previous article, we informed you about the production of our products from the sun with the help of our own photovoltaic power plant. We are constantly trying to move forward and contribute to the increasing protection of the environment, which we consider essential for life. We have added more photovoltaic panels to our production halls. In total, up to 1300 with a total output of 430 kWp.

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Independence in the production of products

Thanks to the investment in a large number of photovoltaic panels, our photovoltaic power plant makes us largely independent in the production of electricity, which we use daily in the production of our sophisticated products.

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Where we use produced electricity?

With the gradually increasing number of photovoltaic panels, we began to use electricity not only for production machines such as laser cutting of materials, robotic welding, painting, but also for the development of top products which won several awards, training and even product assembly.

ATTACK’s development center

skoliace centrum attack

A training center where we train business and service partners

Photovoltaic power plant powers productions technology

Modern automated CNC technology factories, such as laser material division, ensure high precision and surface quality. Cutting and bending centers with high productivity and precision work with high efficiency without the need for the human factor. In the subsequent step of precise and robotic welding

spolocnost attack triump vyroba

Laser division of material with high precision

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Bending of materials in an automated center without the need for human intervention

fotovolticka elektraren roboticke zvaranie

Robotic welding of exchangers with high quality and long service life

The modern powder line reduces the impact on the environment

The powder coating line uses the process of automated powder application, which ensures high quality of the painted product. The whole process uses paint recycling, which ultimately reduces consumption during painting and reduces the impact on the environment.

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Powder coating line with high quality and long service life

Export to countries even with the harshest climate conditions

Our products achieve high efficiency and low electricity consumption for monobloc type air water heat pumps with a high seasonal SCOP coefficient of up to 4.9. We store products in mobile warehouses that use space efficiently and export them to more than 51 countries in the world, even in the harshest climatic conditions.

balenie-tepelneho cerpadla attack

Heat pump ATTACK Inverter R32 air water type monoblock


Mobile warehouses use efficient spaces

How do we produce thermal technology from photovoltaics? Watch the video

How we produce thermal technology from our own photovoltaic power plant

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